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In Shigaraki, the culture of pottery, whose natural warmth soothes burdened people, has been inherited for 1250 years in a beautiful landscape. We have a strong conviction that we, the inheritors, hold a vocation not to break this chain but to make our better future through creating and providing the best possible things to make the most of the unique culture.

Thinking about what a man does when he wants to improve himself, we could surely say that he will study his own past as well as increasing his knowledge by learning new things. After a deep consideration of balance to get a better consequence in the future, sometimes he keeps the long-lasting familiar methods, sometimes he dares to change some. Just as a man recreates himself like this, a town or a city which consists of a lot of man also does the same thing.

The pottery town Shigaraki where Shigaraki-Labo is located has a history of about 1250 years since the Emperor Shomu planed his palace in this place, when the first tile-makers started baking roof-tiles of the imperial palace. A recent geological study has revealed that Shigaraki is zero-magnetic, because it sits on an active geological fault. It is also rich in natural environment as well as clear water.

Since the beginning of this century, more and more information is available through the mass media and the Internet. Some information accessible today is what we had little chance to reach yesterday. More visual information makes people's liking more various and borderless. On the other hand, people start regretting having pursued the comforts destroying the natural environment, and that leads a movement of steering toward the "slow life".

In this aspect, we could say that the period of our age may be the "maturing" period of human beings. So will it be for Shigaraki, we hope. We are in charge of thinking what to pile up on our cultural heritage to realize a better future.

In fact, most famous historical cities of Japan once experienced huge innovations caused by the cultural influences of foreign countries and applied them to their life and the natural environment to recreate their own culture. The historical fact shows us that their flexibility lead them to a successful evolution. Nevertheless, once succeeded, the historical cities transmit their tradition to their descendants. It may be true that too much cultural heritage could make people difficult to create new things with their own ideas.

Today, people can reach huge amount of information relatively with ease. But a man comes to know how the others feel or what they think rather through his own experience or through those he personally communicates with. That is why metropolises gather the people, especially of the young generation, causing a shortage of young workers in most provincial towns. Partly because of this situation, towns of countryside often fall behind and they are more apt to delay their evolution.

Shigaraki-Labo was established in order to help Shigaraki avoid such risks by playing a role of hub-informant. We do our best to stay in good balance between the tradition and the innovation.

Our mission is to select several information that seem to be useful for the pottery town rich in natural environment, and to share them with those who are leading the cultural and business activities in this district, then discuss with those who are interested in this topic both inside and outside the Shigaraki, so that we could develop new products with high creativity. We hope that our products will serve you for your health, both mental and physical, and your everyday-life, as well as they will serve Shigaraki for its better future.