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A Way to Refinement
 Shigaraki has a 1,260-year history of pottery. Flower vases have long been among the major ceramic items of the area, encompassing a number of potteries. Since people's lifestyles have changed rapidly in recent years, there has arisen a need for the design and functionality of ceramic vases to suit modern living spaces.Setting up a research team in the company, Shigaraki Labo has studied market awereness about the usability, value,and design of flower vases, as well as re-examining Japanese culture and traditional styles. Communicating the study results quickly and precisely to potteries, we have set up joint project and concentrated our efforts on the development of new products.

Presented here is the result of our latest vase development project with sixteen participating potters.
The aim is to produce innovative vases that achieve harmony between Japanese traditional aesthetics and modern design and features.that fit in contemporary houses.The concept is refinement.
Refinement in this context means to bring the product nearer to perfection.We achieve this by examining traditional flower vases produced in Shigaraki from today's viewpoint regarding form,texture,color,feel to the hand,and functionality,turning occasionally to flower arrangement masters for guidance,and encouraging potters to study flowers and blossoms.
Unprecedented ideal forms have thus been designed.However, to turn the designs into actual items was not without difficulty.To meet the design requirements as closely as possible,the potters were tested to their technical limits,repeating the process of trial and error,and threw their whole soul in the job.
Finally, due to most of these Shigaraki potters going beyond their ordinary frame of mind, they have succeeded in delivering these novel vases.