company information

《Company Information》

Company Name SHIGARAKI-LABO Inc.
Address 2321-1 Kinose Shigaraki-cho Koka-city Shiga
529-1802 Japan
Telephone +81-748-83-8255
Fax +81-748-83-8233
Date of Establishment February 27, 2004
Capital 31 million yen
Representative CEO : Tatsuo TERAWAKI
Company Outline
Shigaraki-Labo develops ceramic products known as Shigaraki ware, researches on those future market, sells them strengthening the partnership with pottery manufacturers, and manages the study for product planning. ( Studies carried out at Shigaraki Resarch Institute )

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Business Contents

1) Planning, developing and selling CERAMIC WARES and PORCELAINS
2) Planning, developing, manufacturing and selling some BUILDING MATERIALS
3) Planning, developing, manufacturing and selling a SOIL FERTILIZER
4) Planning, developing, manufacturing and selling a DRINKING WATER
5) Planning, developing and selling various ARTICLES for EVERYDAY-USE and for INTERIOR DECORATION
6) Exportation of CERAMIC WARES and PORCELAINS
7) Planning the products as well as those sales floors in good harmony with traditional Japanese scent.
8)Produce and management of many activities of artists and designers in various fields such as pottery.