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This bottle which can alter the properties of its contents, uses natural radium ore as glaze, and is molded with Shigaraki clay.
The radium ore has the same composition as the ore obtained at the source of randon hot springs, which are attracting public attention again because it is recently considered that their negative ions have effects on health. It had been considered that the substance that produces such effects is radon, but it is turning out that such effects are attributed to negative ions produced by alpha rays emitted mainly from radium ore.

in the case of alcoholic beverages, this natural ion‐generating substance (alpha rays) promotes water molecules to surround alcohol molecules in line. This is the reason why alcoholic beverages are improved as the brewing period becomes longer in general. It takes several years to brew alcoholic beverages in natural environments, but when put into the Bottle, brewing can be accelerated thanks to the agitation function of alpha rays.

size φ3.2in. High 9.8in.

Water tastes better....!?

The contents of the bottle start to change immediately after they are put into the bottle, but it is better to wait for one day to sense the modified taste.
The expiration dates and effects of most artificial products deteriorate or decrease, but natural ore has no expiration date. With considering this fact, no special processing is conducted except "pulverizing." The firing process is conducted in natural manner, and so there is no deterioration or degradation in effects due to the cleaning or polishing of the bottle.

Notes for use....!?

①Be sure to cleanse the inside and outside of this bottle thoroughly before using it.
②Avoid direct sunlight and store this bottle in a refreigerator when containing water, alcoholic beverages, etc.
③Cleanse this bottle well several times per week to keep it suitable for containing beverages.